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Piedmont region, with the cut of annuities increases the salary of counselors.

Nothing but cuts the cost of politics, the Piedmont regional advisors find themselves with a monthly salary of about 1. 320 euros more than last term. The condition even more strange is that all this has happened thanks to the cut of the annuities the previous legislature decided. The explanation of what happened is quite simple but amazing.  With the much-heralded cut of annuities for politicians, in fact, to the Piedmont region the amount before the regional advisers ended straight sborsavano straight in their salary. With the start of the new term came minus the lifetime allowance to which the regional councillors were entitled to their 65th year of age, and therefore also the deduction has disappeared on the contribution. The end for the Piedmontese Councillors there was a net increase of salary of 1. 320, 330 euros for more who opted for the reversibility of the annuity. A nice increase in Payroll that leavens the salary for Committee Chairmen over 9,000 euros per month. The first to denounce this inconsistency were activists and members of the movement 5 stars who now ask the Piedmont Regional Council to intervene as soon as possible to reduce the allowance.  "At this point it is urgent the adoption of a new law on the reduction of the costs of the policy. We have already prepared and, as promised in the election campaign, it will be the establishment of a provision for guaranteed minimum income in Piemonte "explain the M5S. Any decision, however, will have to pass necessarily from the Regional Council, as explained by the Chairman of Piedmont, Mauro Laus. "The various positions expressed on the merits by the political forces must find a summary in the Council, which is sovereign in the matter. Each proposed amendment shall be submitted to the vote of the Assembly, "said the President of the Regional Council by acting on the issue of the salaries of the directors of Lascrais Palace. . Extended data can be read checking source.