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Schalke defeat Augsburg 1-0.

Huntelaar was in the 37th minute at least a successful dress rehearsal for the Champions League match on Wednesday at sporting Lisbon. By the third home win in succession Schalke at the Augsburgers passed, which lost also her fourth stint at the Royal Blues and continued their weakness on foreign places with the fourth Auswärtspleite in series. An investigation at the hospital should reflect the severity of the damage. Draxler is threatening to fail not only in Lisbon, but possibly also for the European Championship qualifier against Gibraltar on 14 November, as well as the match in Spain four days later. The offensive player is already the eighth failure of the Schalke where the recovered Jan Kirchhoff showed a decent game in the defensive midfield. Overall, however, settled the landlords now less push back like in the first half hour and stay unbeaten this season so. Hitz prevented even the 2-0 (87) against Obasi (86th) and team-mate Jan-Ingwer Callsen-Bracker. . You must read the following web site to read more on this great subject.