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Smoking: study, ‘ e-cig ‘ less harmful cigarettes.

Rome, July 31. (Reuters Health)-electronic cigarettes are less harmful than the ‘ traditional ‘ blondes. To photograph the effects of the two modes of smoking is an analysis of available scientific research, published in the journal ‘ Addiction ‘ signed by experts of Queen Mary University of London. Scientists argue that replace cigarettes with ‘ e-cig ‘ could reduce smoking-related deaths, though the long-term effects remain unknown. The team examined 81 previous studies focusing on security, on chemicals in liquids and use among smokers and non-smokers. Scientists say that the risks for those who use the ‘ e-cig ‘ and for those who breathe their ‘ passive ‘ steam, are minor compared with those linked to cigarette smoking, but the effects on people with breathing problems are not fully understood. Although electronic cigarettes contain some of the toxins of tobacco smoke-add-the levels are much lower. Finally, the analysis suggests that switching to electronic cigarettes can help smokers to quit smoking ‘ blondes ‘ normal or reduce consumption. This is not the final list of risk-warns Peter Hajek of Queen Mary University of London-it could emerge among others. But regulatory authorities need to be aware that paralyse the market for electronic cigarettes could reduce access to products that could save lives. The researchers suggest that these devices should be subjected to less stringent standards than those of tobacco, but at the same time warn that encourage their use without strong safety evidence is at least reckless. . For extended data about this subject check http://f404a3e214c60343a2b5c9fa946c7850.chewz.net.