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Spy of the BND: embarrassing bycatch.

The reason is simple: that the BND has bugged conversations of American Secretary of State, undermines the own complaints about the practices of the US intelligence services. And if the BND should have for years and target-oriented Turkey intercepted the NATO partner and spied, then jeopardy cooperation precisely at a moment in which the Federal Government for the first time think, also with arms to take influence on the developments in the Iraq. Much dumber can not run it, complained a high-ranking member of the Government, in an interview with the Sueddeutsche Zeitung am Sonntag. Now it has become in full clarity how stupid it is if you have a spy in their midst. Because a few weeks ago the case of a BND employee became known as, who had sold 200 documents to the US intelligence agencies, many with the case tried entrusted with a hope to calm: that 200 documents, if it ran good, could betray so much and so so bad not be no wonder that Kerry and Barack Obama’s Chief of staff Denis McDonough have already used this information, to her colleagues in Berlin a small mean little with the request, the Federal Government may be in conflict with the NSA practices occur not more quite so loudly. It should hurt her already if now publicly could create the impression that the German secret service no German is better than its counterpart in the United States. And Merkel’s long hinausgezögertes, and then formulated creed could not lose very quickly spying among friends – that is moral tarnished. This however is not the only trouble the reports put the Government in the. Because on the one hand is the Turkey as a transit point for jihadists, that drag in Syria or in the Iraq war, of course, a place where the BND must actually have the location in mind. But on the other hand, the relationship with Turkey is now particularly tricky, because the Government for the first time is considering to give Kurds weapons, to support them in the fight against the terrorist militias of the Islamic State. . For additional information on this subject click hyperlink.