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State election in Brandenburg: boys fishing.

The motif with the drunk chick found on postcards distributed Brandenburg SPD in recent weeks. She wants to compete for young voters. Because on September 14 also 16 – and 17-year old may participate in the election for the first time. That existed in Germany only once – 2011 in Bremen. But never in a State. Young people are a small but significant group of voters. They account for only six percent of the electorate in Brandenburg, be taken but exceptionally important. Because they are considered political trendsetter. This term has coined Klaus Hurrelmann, youth researchers at the Hertie School of governance in Berlin. As well as young people vote today, so also the adults vote in a few years with a high probability, Hurrelmann says. The young people anticipate a feeling often, that then more spills in the entire population. So the fast rise – and later also the case – the pirates have themselves indicated years ago in youth studies, as the strength of the Merkel-CDU. First-time voters are like seismographs to the political zeitgeist. So, many Brandenburger parties try to impress them. The one with curious campaigns, being anbiedernd and embarrassing to the other with weighted seriousness – fearing. And before that, to alienate the older: Finally the population average is calculated in Brandenburg as old as almost nowhere else in the Republic. Here, including about 120 000 first-time voters; there are 2.1 million eligible voters 37 500 of them younger than 18. To benefit, it hoped above all the Government parties SPD and the Linke, which when they changed the electoral law three years ago. The Union also suspected that the reform would – rather use the left camp and fought them. Meanwhile, surveys suggest that this fear was not unfounded. That the Union has a good chance for young voters. And they calmly decide much, as it is sometimes said to them. The first-time voters, as Brandenburg SPD apparently sees it, is a funny Schluffi, a lazy. And so the party wants to send especially their campaigner, where it is believed loafers: Lakes for bathing, before outdoor festivals. For the first time, the SPD publishes a youth magazine; applying Heinar campaign against neo-Nazis the satirical Stork also from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Juso Chief Stohn still believe it for an error, if politicians try to be cool. Not a so good idea would be to make the skateboard he says the boy can’t wait that hangs a 50 years Buddy Guy in the Hoodie at the party stand. Anja Heinrich, 43, General Secretary of the CDU Brandenburg, has two first-time voters in the House, their children are 17 and 19 years old. Specially for young people she waive election campaign but. The young voters will give his voice not the loudest, but the wisest – is Henry calculus. Indeed, the CDU at the younger arrives seems particularly well. Shortly before the European elections, a so-called U-18 test election was organised in Brandenburg. Children and young people were allowed to cast their votes, 2800 went through. Election winner was the CDU – with 24.4 percent. The SPD reached 10.9 percent to 16.4, the left. The test election was not representative, but it did: there is growing a generation that ticking obviously differently than their parents. conservative. That politician even in the classroom are going to discuss with young people, was banned in Brandenburg so far just before elections. Now, this is allowed. Youth researcher Hurrelmann is happy there: in the schools decide themselves how many young people would later actually give their voice. In Bremen, 2011 many teachers had prepared their classes quite extensively on the election day. The vote in the City-State is complicated, every citizen has five votes. Many could accidentally invalidate their ballots, Hurrelmann says. But the error rate had been at its lowest among the voters. . Original facts can be found visiting this http://bdd541a2ec7dd6b4212c0bc2f.com-information-archive.eu.