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Swimming: the champions Blues in Europe in the relay, gray made Agnel mine.

Auspicious day for the Blues. French swimmers began the best of ways the Swimming Championships Monday in Berlin (Germany) taking first place in the test of the relay 4 x 100 m free.   Despite a diminished team, the Quartet french, consisting of Philip Metella, Fabien Gilot, Captain blue, Florent Manaudou and Jeremy Stravius was able to prevail on the nose and beard of battered Russian. With a time of 3 minutes 11 seconds, the Habs team rises on the highest step of the podium ahead of the Russia and the Italy.   At the end of race, Jeremy Stravius held to emphasize the impact of his captain on the outcome of the test.  "The captain was huge, it was able to find the words for each of us. For me, it had already won before swimming. Mentally we were above them. He made us believe that we were the best. It was believed because we feel strong"he said. It must be said that the relay started not favorite while the tricolour sprinters decreased time clock level this season compared to their first world title a year ago. For their part, the Russians led dance in the world rankings. The relay was forced to move from one of its strong links. Yannick Agnel was indeed not accepted after its elimination without calling upon entry into competing in rounds of the 400 meters freestyle, where he finished in 11th place. 22 years old swimmer however assured that it was not a disappointment. "It’s been long that I have not swam, I do not trained truly for this race" he said to explain this poor performance which cost him his place in the champion relay in Europe. The real test for the swimmer installed in Baltimore, the United States, will take place Tuesday on his clearance, with the series in the 200 metres.  "The 200 m is a race that I mastered much more. Except big disappointment, I will pass not trapping the morning"he said. Manaudou will for its part in the final 50 meters Butterfly Tuesday while Stravius commit on the 100 m backstroke event. . For more information about this matter read http://86f87fc9a2670c7f3afaf98a501b8919.closely.biz.