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Syria, the Isis kills 500 people in Britain: Raqqah governorate near the hangman of Foley.

Meanwhile, British authorities are close to identifying the jihadist Is who killed the American journalist James Foley. This is what was said to the US media, from those of the United Kingdom, the British Ambassador in the United States, Peter Westmacott. We are not yet in a position to say who it is, but there we are close, he said, stressing that in the analysis of the video that killed the reporter uses the most sophisticated techniques for speech recognition, but he preferred not to add more details for security reasons. According to Cnn, police sources also confirmed the release of American journalist Peter Theo Curtis. The issuer Uses does not provide, however, other details, nor on the place of detention, nor on that of liberation, nor on which group had the reporter. The journalist, kidnapped two years ago in Turkey, Antakya, as he prepared to enter Syria, would have been released through the mediation of Qatar. According to English newspaper the Mail on Sunday, the United Kingdom has posted in the past 48 hours in Iraq and Syria a considerable force composed of soldiers from the Sas (Special Air Service) and of the Srr (Special Reconnaissance Regiment) to conduct high-tech operations that could lead to the capture of extremists within the next few days. The services are using sophisticated detection systems to locate the man in the video and the other three British jihadis, including advancing software for speech recognition and analysis of hand veins. But the commitment on the field you will also need to obtain data on the jihadists on the field, such as Dna, blood and a picture of the IRIS. From the battlefield, writes Sundays, this information is sent through a portable satellite operated by a soldier of an Sas spy plane as the aircraft ‘ Rivet Joint ‘. Aboard the plane there is a team of 17 people that processes the information and sends to Gchq, the Government’s headquarters for secret communications in Cheltenham. Here the information is analyzed and compared with those of a database on British jihadis who are believed to be engaged in fighting in Syria and in Iraq. The results of this work are then transmitted to the Sas units on the ground. Also details emerge on the Group of the four Beatles, as they call themselves, which keep Westerners prisoners at Raqqah governorate. The head would be ‘ George ‘ or Abu Muhareb. The Group would be too sadistic with hostages to the Islamic State, and have been for a period dismissed. German hostage released. A 27 year-old German held hostage in Syria from the State Islamic militants (Is) was released. This was revealed in the Sunday edition of the newspaper Welt am Sonntag, quoting investigative sources. The young man, whose general information were not widespread, is a German Eastern State of Brandenburg and had gone to Syria in June 2013 with the intention of offering humanitarian aid. At the beginning of the year had been delivered a video to the family with a ransom demand and with the images of the execution of another hostage. After the spread of German authorities had started negotiations. The German Foreign Ministry, contacted by the newspaper, ensures that was not paid any ransom. Politics in Baghdad. Meanwhile go on negotiations to form the new Iraqi Government, looking for a difficult balance between Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds. Negotiations made more difficult by the Sunni mosque massacre carried out by Shiite militiamen on which Parliament decided an inquiry and that the Sunnis responded with two attacks yesterday and today with a car bomb in the capital that killed at least 7 people. Pending the conclusions of the Commission, the Executive for the future meetings led by Haider al-Abadi have been suspended. An important international endorsement for al-Abadi came from Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, arrived this morning in Baghdad for an unofficial visit in Iraq. In the talks between the two, they know, has discussed the need for international efforts against the jihadist threat Islamic State. . Inspirational source can be studied visiting the following http://687d891e0d3ef49831682c3627d3cbbd.bloggerpemula.com.