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Telecrochet ultra-connected, Rising Star on M6 wants to give the ‘power’ to the Viewer.

It is one of the most anticipated of school TV programs.  M6 presented its new telecrochet ‘Rising Star’, at a press conference this morning. The ultra-connected show, launched in partnership with Facebook and Instagram networks, will allow viewers to select or eliminate an artist during his performance. "If you’ve always wanted to have the power of a Board in a show of singing, this program is for you," launches Wednesday Florence Duhayot, CEO of Studio 89, which produces the show, at a press conference. Presented by Guillaume Pley and Faustine Bollaert, Rising Star gives two minutes to the artists to convince live viewers: the candidate on stage sings behind a screen wall of five meters tall and 18 meters wide, which separates it from the public. Via their smartphone or their tablet, viewers can vote on the application free 6play. Each voter sees his Facebook profile photo on the digital wall. When artists reach 70% of positive votes, the wall rises and the artist is selected for the next step. Those who do succeed are removed. The Board – David Hallyday and Cali singers, Morgan Serrano, Director of programmes of NRJ, and producer Cathy Guetta, DJ David Guetta estranged girlfriend – has 28% of the votes (7% for each member); not enough to swing the vote, stressed M6. Viewers will discover the city of the Luc Besson film where will take place September 15 during a ten minute the principle of the wall, the jury and the studio program auditions. "We wanted to invent a new way to watch TV," said Bibiane Siraj, the CEO of M6 programs. Playing on the map of the plebiscite – ‘the wall, it is you, we, it’s all French"-, M6 has negotiated a partnership with Facebook and Instagram. "It is the first time that we are at this level of collaboration with a TV show," said Laurent Solly, the CEO of Facebook France. The social network, which has 28 million users in France, says it helps "M6 to promote communication on Facebook’s Rising star, and calling people to download the application, optimize the number of shares". In short, Facebook enhances the visibility of the issue on the social network. "The goal for Facebook, is to show that platform is the majority of interactions between TV shows and the French, and show its leadership position in the social TV," says Laurent Solly. The platform visibly seeking to assert itself deal with Twitter, rival social network in the comments of programming, set the duration of its publications, less ‘Fugitive’ on the Blue Bird. "A brand like Rising star can’t live during a prime, it must live before and continue after: on Facebook, the interactions occur before, during, after", said Laurent Solly. An exclusive partnership claimed by M6, which, at the time, will only not display tweets, as it is often the case in telecrochet emissions, and will display only on the 6play application, downloaded 15 million users. "Facebook has a lot more penetration and is less segmented that Twitter", justifies Thomas Follin, Deputy Director of M6 web. Asked about an eventual monetization of personal data, the Manager felt that was especially for the advertiser to be "coupled with an extremely modern. Given the success of The Voice on TF1, M6 bet on Rising Star to straighten his audience, past below 10% audience share. The program established in Israel, where he achieved an average 48% of audience share, was sold to 40 countries. . For more regarding this topic visit fact.