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The Belgium in the process of evaporation.

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Strange Belgium, which vibrates with enthusiasm for his Red Devils but that worth more to be a Government for the rer g. Collective sense caused by football thus meets the foss who, since 2007, continues to expand between Flanders and Wallonia. Former Constitutionalist University of Li ge and one of the great figures of the Walloon movement during the second half of the 20th so key, Fran ois Perin understood tr s faster than the evolution of things m would, ultimately blocking and the implosion of the Kingdom: there’s no place in this small country for two nations, one Belgian, so she ever exist, and a Flemish. May 26, 1980 he d missionnait spectacularly S nat: it is difficult to remain a State whereby it no longer believes the syst political me parliamentary para absurd t and repr smelling of a nation (,.) that no longer exists. For him, things were clear: the Walloons and Brussels will find themselves enough b Belgian completely alone. And imagine, twenty-three years before the famous docu-fiction Bye-bye Belgium’s RTBF (2006), the way including Flanders, strong d l d democratic legitimacy now, could proclaim unilat generally its independence. But French leaders are not fools. The fact that the commission on Affairs of the Assembly res trang natiuonale timely jug, in July 2011, load two of its members, one of the majority, the other of the opposition, to go to Belgium in order to inquire about the situation int interior of the country, is quite to be significant. Adopt the February 15, 2012, ress s int report notes that the division of Belgium into two language of more coh different and dissimilar groups made his less and less likely. Not wishing that the Walloons are found, when donn, forced r Act in the precipitation pr and urgency, I undertook to establish, in 2009, the citizens ‘ initiative of the States General of Wallonia. Among the three possible post-belges scenarios sc who t analys s load and d load (a State Walloon ind during; a r residual Wallonia-Brussels Belgium; the union-int integration the France), only the last is av r realistic r and cr credible. � . For extra insights regarding this topic check http://52c6033fdd1ea099f25b50725e94768b.chewz.net.