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The leaders of the black community intervening to Ferguson.

Very quickly, to the surprise of the police, several black leaders intervene and give hand to the excited protestors. "Go home, scatter you, we don’t want violence tonight," yells Malik Shabazz, the president of the Nation of Islam, in a megaphone. The face-to-face will last over half an hour, but the crowd calms down gradually. At 22 h 20, most of the demonstrators are is dispersed, the applause. "Must be that the black community happens to stand to reason itself and does not yield to excess," argues Larry Addison, one of the pastors who will are interposed, "what we want it is to know why a white policeman shot dead a young unarmed black man. We want to understand and ensure that justice is done. "Do not be distracted by those who don’t want to create chaos. Earlier in the evening, the market had driven West Florissant Avenue had managed to avoid slipping. For more than three hours, hundreds of people have mounted and down the avenue, in a continuous loop funny. Posted at each intersection, the police had instructed to ban rallies and urged the crowd to "keep walking" under penalty of arrest. "They want out us but we will continue without never stop us" let go of a woman in the middle of procession, "we want answers and they must provide. A little further away, a young woman harangue the crowd. "They prevent us from exercising our right to express ourselves," she says, "do not let. Monday, just before midnight, several uniformed riot police continued to patrol West Florissant Avenue. A few minutes earlier, security forces had resorted to firing tear gas, close the QuikTrip, the petrol station which was burned in the aftermath of the death of Michael Brown. According to several sources, molotov cocktails had been launched in the direction of the forces of order and the shots fired in adjacent streets. "The night is not yet finished" confided a policeman, while helicopters patrolled the skies, "but we will try to do the best." . Root source could be read clicking the following http://480cf60253b65fb3263277d81e19ce90.nappturaliteradio.com.