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The plague in Walt Disney, how rats became nice.

Marc Elbaz, Cabinet of ‘Treatment-harmful’ society, tells us more in 20 minutes on the reasons for this strange migration: "the tourists leave every day to make a feast, laments.". They throw their purposes of sandwiches on the ground when they do not feed squarely as is done with the pigeons. ». At first glance, nothing short of astounding that this solidarity between harmful. It would almost take to dream of a postmodern Hamelin who would lead them all, day trippers and rodents, to the sound of his flute in the Seine. But if we dive more deeply into the reasons of such an alliance, we discover surprising things. If the rat now attracts pity rather than the horror of men, this would be due according to some, in the movie Ratatouille, Pixar released in 2007. The history of this rat haunting a great Parisian, passionate about French cuisine restaurant kitchens, unfairly stigmatized by the bad reputation of people of his kind but actually extremely refined, would have allowed to fight effectively against the ratophobie. Many tourists think so, that as in the elaborate tale in the Hollywood studios, there is a wonderful agreement between rats and men in Paris, and you can eat well. Filthy creature, companion of dungeons, bearer of bacilli, Biblical scourge and deadly omen, the rat has therefore sanctified by Walt Disney. The rat became hygienic. He became moral. It has become ‘cool ‘. It is tucked into the huge procession of all saints. The empire of good, who does not support negative recovered it in her lap. In a world that no longer believes in the tragic, the rat and his blackness have no place. . For extended information about this subject read blog.