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Ukraine crisis: Putin surprised!.

The European Union currently revealed on the Ukraine issue more than ever her foreign policy failure. The request of the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to weapons was rejected, although the West openly speaks of a Russian invasion in the Eastern Ukraine. It may not be general scruples against arms, arms aid for the northern Iraq, which now start despite all concerns show that. The EU has made, it seems paralysed the Ukraine crisis and above all the fear of Putin. Actually everything as always. It’s no big news that the EU’s foreign policy quite lame. Not a notable episode was there: at the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, since the European Union took their usual reluctance to the surprise of many. She showed empathy and willingness to act. When called the protesters in cold and rain: the Ukraine is Europe!, the Europeans were moved and solidarity. This European support–moral and diplomatic–has helped the Maidan, hold out so long, until the change in power. The EU has a responsibility to the people in the Ukraine, which was explicitly fought for Europe, European politicians have promised them aid. Now down to the Ukraine, may not be. . You must read the following homepage to learn extra about this amazing subject.