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World Basketball: United States, this Dream Team who does not dream.

The United States, deprived of their biggest stars – during, James and others – who, tired by the long season NBA or simply disinterested, make little dream at the time of defending their world title in Spain (August 30 – September 14). Forgotten the Dream Team for the Olympics – 1992 Barcelona headed by Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Charles Barkley. Or even one that won the Olympic title in 2012 in London led by LeBron James Team USA 2014 made little dream without the best player from last season NBA Kevin Durant, King James and his vassals Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin or Russell Westbrook, without mentioning Kobe Bryant making a cross on the national team. The fault of the grueling NBA schedule that encourages players to spare before the Rio 2016 OJ. The financial imperatives too, A fear of injury finally. During training August 1, Paul Georges seriously injured: his right leg bent at an improbable angle images have marked the spirits. Suffered a double fracture of the tibia-fibula, the Indiana Pacers star probably will not play all season 2014-15. A week after, during, MVP of world-2010 in Turkey and best director last season NBA, is wear pale. Officially, it is physically and mentally drained by the season NBA and its many responsibilities. Unofficially, it is rumored that his agent saw a bad look her star take risks with his health at the time where he upped the ante to a lucrative partnership agreement between Nike and Under Armour, ready to put on the table 250 million (EUR 190 million) over ten years. -Undefeated since 2006 – the NBA franchise owners also found fault with their stars summer getaways. Including the always very assertive Mark Cuban: the owner of the Dallas Mavericks would like the NBA organizes its World Cup and benefits at least of this windfall, the international basketball Federation (Fiba) or the international Olympic Committee (IOC). The participation of a player at an international event is a big risk without financial reward, admitted Adam Silver, the new boss of the NBA. But it is a personal decision that is up to each player, he insisted, brushing any rumor of a return to the pre-1992 period where the OJ and World Championships competed without NBA players. The team assembled by Mike Krzyzewski still has the allure with Derrick Rose (Chicago), Stephen Curry (Golden State), Kyrie Irving (Cleveland) or James Harden (Houston). The Group of 12 that we have assembled is very exciting for its versatility and its defensive qualities, ensures Coach K while his team won easily his four matches of preparation the last against Slovenia (101-71) Tuesday. But Rose, MVP for the season 2010-11, released two years nearly white due to injuries and even if Harden just self-proclaimed the most complete player in the NBA, this selection in dire need of a boss. So much so that some observers fear that the series of invincibility in major meetings dating back to 2006 (World 2006 and 2010, OJ-2008 and 2010) brutally end in Spain, facing the host country for example. And the United States should get their ticket to the OJ-2016 in Rio in an Olympic qualifying tournament, an affront,, Related facts can be read clicking web site.